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William W. Wade

10332 Hollyberry Drive

Richmond, Virginia 23237-3818

Cell Phone:  804 731-2359

Phone:  804 717-1196





Over 21 years experience in chemical, packaging, and wastewater industries.  Able to apply technology to products and processes while reducing costs and improving quality.  My recent experience in primary metals – melting, casting, rolling, and extruding – as well as project management demonstrates ability to understand a wide variety of processes, also experienced in business, maintenance, and engineering.  Masters degree in business management provides insight to use innovation for improving profitability. 



·         Managed an E&I Maintenance group reducing response time from 2 days to 1 hour using incentives

·         Owned and managed a small company, responsible for all aspects of business including profit and loss

·         Developed curriculum and taught formal classes in PLC controls, safety, and troubleshooting

·         Managed a chemical plant conversion from single loop to DCS control, 2 weeks early and within budget

·         Managed a process cast monitoring project working with plant personnel and contractor teams

·         Developed and presented a capital project to replace 2 existing furnaces in 30 days with ROI of 5 months

·         Designed and managed a capital project to replace existing contractors with power controllers that reduced fuse replacement, maintenance cost, improved heating element life and temperature control

·         Reduced N2 (nitrogen) usage in an annealing furnace saving $350,000/year in N2 and natural gas usage

·         Lead a team designing and installing a line scan camera to detect holes in a high speed web process

·         Championed cast pit air flow project against plant conventional wisdom proving errors in corporate engineering studies and restoring plant operation after process changes stopped production

·         Designed and built a very low flow pump system that improved accuracy and repeatability over previous units and saved $360,000 in equipment cost for 6 units

·         Championed, designed and built a mix system that eliminated the need to buy a premixed product and eliminated a time consuming quality step due to high repeatability, saving over $160,000/year, ROI 3 months

·         Proposed pneumatic convey system modifications that eliminated the need to duplicate the existing convey system, saving over $1,000,000

·         Proposed a quality department change that eliminated the need to purchase major production equipment, saving $100,000 for the equipment and reducing ongoing maintenance costs

·         Managed a large process automation project involving 6 HMI stations and over 2500 I/O in a pharmaceutical plant including FDA audit

·         Teamed with other engineers to eliminate reoccurring process and mechanical problems

·         Mentored maintenance and engineering staff to improve department efficiency

·         Designed and managed the installation of complex mix system used in 7 corrugator plants

·         ISO 9000 quality system lead assessor

·         Participated in several LEAN manufacturing projects with 2 different companies

·         Certified Six Sigma Green Belt – Inferred Thermographer




Regent University, MBA 1988

                Virginia Beach, Virginia


                LeTourneau University, BS-Electrical Engineering 1981

                Longview, Texas 


                LeTourneau University, BS-Welding Engineering 1981

                Longview, Texas  



Kaiser Aluminium – Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturing – Richmond, Virginia – 2007 to 2008

Electrical Engineer – Responsible for plant automation, troubleshooting, power distribution, project management, and engineering support for operations and maintenance also provided welding-engineering support for weld heavy cast steel forging repair 


Aleris Corporation – Aluminium Rolled Products Manufacturing – Richmond, Virginia – 2005 to 2007

Manufacturing / Electrical Engineer – Responsible for plant automation, project management, process improvements and engineering support for operations and maintenance 


Industrial Design and Control, Inc. – Automation Design Firm – Chester, Virginia – 1998 to 2005

Owner – Consulted with manufacturers to apply the latest technology in machine control to reduce costs and improve equipment operation.  Developed a loyal customer base by providing quality services


Clough, Harbour & Associates LLP – Engineering Firm – Richmond, Virginia – 1997 to 1998

Senior Electrical Engineer – Responsible for customer development and project work involving PLC and HMI applications 


Alliance Engineering, Inc. – Engineering Firm– Richmond, Virginia – 1995 to 1997

Senior Electrical Instrumentation Engineer – Responsible for executing and managing the electrical, instrument and control effort for client projects


Industrial TurnAround Corporation – Engineering Firm – Hopewell, Virginia – 1992 to 1995

Manager of E&I Engineering – Responsible for the daily operation of the E&I department including the quality of engineering, design, budgets, and schedule for projects produced by a twelve person team  Interfacing with plant engineering to develop concepts, moving them to completed projects


Hoechst Celanese Corporation – Chemical Manufacturing – Portsmouth, Virginia – 1988 to 1992

Plant E&I Engineer – Responsible for the instrument and electrical needs of a chemical plant site directing the work of an eight-man instrument department also provided welding-engineering support for exotic metals.  Helped developed department personnel through mentoring and training.




Innovation requires a quest to improve a process.  All manufacturing processes can be improved but a business case also must be made.  Familiarity with business needs and engineering experience are helpful in selecting projects with the best ROI.  Often the best ROI concepts come from watching a process and the people involved.  Operators and maintenance personnel are a great source of innovation projects that require small capital expenditures and large returns on investment and in employee morale




A manager's job is to motivate, inspire and teach those who work under his supervision.  This is developed by providing a secure setting where personal development is a high priority and fair evaluation of performance is always available.  The manager needs to serve those who work for him as well as meet the needs of his supervisor and the organization 


·         Integrity never compromised

·         Training constantly

·         Goals shared

·         Praise loudly

·         Performance goals set fairly monitored often

·         Reprimand quietly with encouragement

·         Expectations attainable

·         Develop inclusive teams