Innovation the Key to Continous Improvment

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  • Bill Wade has lead IDCI for years and is currently seeking full time employment where his talents can be used, expanded, and add value to a manufacturing or service company. 
  • Bill is also available for consulting opportunities while waiting for a full time position. 

Biographical notes

Bill Wade is an engineer with 25 years of experience working in manufacturing.  He is currently available for employment and has extensive experience in chemical, packaging, and primary metals applying technology to products and processes to reduce costs and improve quality.  While operating his own company, Bill was able to help a variety of firms find innovative ways to improve processes often using suggestions made by his customers’ employees. 

Bill’s experience in business, maintenance, and engineering management provides insight for using innovation to improve profitability.  Innovation requires a quest to improve a process.  All manufacturing processes can be improved but a business case also must be made.  Familiarity with business needs and engineering experience are helpful in selecting projects with the best ROI.  Often the best ROI concepts come from watching a process and the people involved.  Operators and maintenance personnel are a great source of innovative projects that require small capital expenditures and provide large returns on investment and in employee morale.

Bill has an MBA from Regent University, an Electrical Engineering and a Welding Engineering degree from LeTourneau University.  He currently resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife and youngest son. 


Call:  804-731-2359